2015 Garden

So, the garden is SET!  2015 promises to be our best harvest (thus saith every farmer in the history of mankind).  We’ve had the raised bed gardens for a couple of years now, and this year we decided to get the beds as healthy as possible prior to the first planting.  The beds are absolutely filled to the brim with compost, we’ve added organic, natural supplements to get the N/P/K levels correct (as well as the pH), and we’ve made a strong commitment to heirloom seeds this year. Read more

Third Place in Writing Competition

This year, I participated in the Belles Lettres competition, representing Becket House in this annual challenge issued by Athanasius House.  The competition involved writing a 26-sentence of  “a descriptive spoken account of an event or performance as it happens” (in my case, about Thomas Becket).  Each sentence had to start with sequential letters of the alphabet, in order, A to Z.  It also had to be composed in first person.  Several entrants from each house competed, by composing then reciting the paper before the Upper School, guests, and the judges.   Read more

Eating in Memphis

Eating around Memphis has been getting really fun in the last few years as the foodie scene has taken hold and attracted some really amazing restaurants.  I’ve been fortunate to travel the world, and experience great food in places like SanFran, NYC, Chicago, Europe, etc.  So, when I offer up the premise that Memphis has some really great places to dine, I hope you’re own experiences will jive with our recommended favorites. Read more

Pics around Memphis

This first slideshow are some shots I took at a park in East Memphis.  Literally in the heart of Memphis, you can find some of these jewels:

The next day, I was riding my bike out at Shelby Farms, and discovered this place.  At first you get excited thinking “cool, a lake!” but then you realize you’ve been dropped in the middle of a war zone.  I think this is an old landfill that they’ve decided to clean up so it fits in at the park.


Welcome, and Hello World

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We started keeping websites way back in the 90s, mostly driven by Houston.  We still have (some) pics up from that original site.  It’s been a fun journey!  Now we are continuing our migration into WordPress and we will keep updating the old content into new posts.

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Go Cubs!