On a trip to India, Chris and I had about a 12-hour layover.  Luckily, it was on the way, so we still had energy.  Since we had such a narrow window of time, we decided to call in a pro–the lovely Victoria (Amanda’s cousin and ambassador to the world).  She met us at the Westminster tube station, and was such a great hostess for the day.  Read more

Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is a beautiful island off the coast of Spain.  This is a serious contender for retirement–one of the most amazing places we’ve seen in the world.  Unfortunately, our pictures do not portray the beauty and character of this place.  I think this is because we made some friends that day, and our camera wasn’t as active as it had been in other ports.

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 9.38.03 PM

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Valencia, Spain

Valencia, Spain

This was the first day on the cruise that we decided to go sans excursion.  We looked at the map, saw how close the port was to everything in the city, and decided to give it a whirl.  We walked around the city for a couple of hours, discovered the museum campus, shopped a little, and it turned out to be a phenomenal day.  If you ever find yourself on a cruise that docks in Valencia, trust us on this one–walk to the museum campus and you will not be disappointed. Read more


May sound strange, but…  We felt overwhelmingly welcome and comfortable in Sicily.  This is OLD world Italy, not really tourist-y or accommodating for Americans, but the charm and mystique simply consumes you.  We met some new friends here that we’d been sailing with for a few days but just hadn’t met on-board or on other excursions, and we really enjoyed exploring the city with them.

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