We spend a lot of time supporting the causes we believe in, and want to share our passion with others.

Our family LOVES the theatre!  We’ve been doing shows together since the kids were old enough to hold a script.  We’ve been so fortunate to do shows at Theatre Memphis, Germantown Community Theatre, and Stage Door Productions.  Eric joined the Board at TM in 2014 and will wash your car or take your laundry to the cleaners if you’ll let him buy you a cup of coffee and talk about a season subscription!

In 2012, we helped launch an organization in India, Arpana House, to care for abandoned girls in India.  We’ve made a few trips over, and have made some wonderful friends in Northern India.  We invite you to learn more.

We think our kids are getting the best education in Memphis at Westminster Academy.  Houston was so worried when he started as a young 7 year old–about Latin!  Well, since then there have been numerous Latin awards and National Latin Exam medals brought home by these kids.  Our choir is the toast of the town.  No, state.  No, region.  They win everything!  I recently wrote a review on the school.

And along the way, we’ve made some great friends that are doing important, meaningful work in this world.  We invite you to learn more about our friends at Forsaken Children, The Hub, and our local NPR station.